Functional Family Therapy (FFT)
Pre-Conference Agenda

This year the FFT pre-conference will be open to all current FFT sites, anyone interested in becoming an FFT site and anyone interested in learning more about FFT in general. It will focus on FFT research, data and innovations. Discussion will be organized around such topics as:
  • "Bringing research in to the room" - the living room, the board room and the legislative room.
  • How we use data to improve implementation, outcomes and sustainability.
  • Reviewing case examples and using them as a discussion tool for clinical decision making.
  • The newest FFT innovations and adaptations.
We also look forward to having guest speakers from current FFT sites and having time for some thoughtful group discussions revolving around FFT.

Jim Alexander, FFT Founder
Mike Robbins, FFT Research Director
Doug Kopp, FFT CEO